Старинные брюссельские кружева-шарфы и шали


Небольшая подборка старинного брюссельского кружева: оригинальные шарфики, орнамент которых можно использовать в современном коклюшечном кружеве; большие шали и даже фата для невесты.


Circa 1860’s, Superb Brussels Needlepoint Lappet

The workmanship is quite amazing on this beautiful lappet. The design has the most amazing scrollwork, large scaled roses and tiny leaves all along the lappet. The lappet has never been used, it retains it’s original tea-dipped patina. Measuring apprx. 42 1/2″ by 5″ at widest part.

Fine 19th C. Point De Gaze Lappet

Circa 1860’s, this very beautiful Brussels Point De Gaze lappet is quite superior both in design and workmanship. A few minor pinprick openings, minor. The lappet seems to have been rarely used. Measuring apprx. 49″ by 5″ at widest part.

Ornate 19th C. Brussels Point De Gaze Lappet

A lovely lappet with superb workmanship and an excellent design. Filled entirely with flower bouquets, a attractive trellis work design, decorative scrollwork, and fine scattered Point De Esprit. The quality of needlework is first class, the design elaborate and quite impressive.

 Elaborate 19th C. Brussels Lace Shawl w/ Point De Gaze

Circa 1860’s, a very ornate and beautifully designed Brussels lace triangular lace shawl with large vignettes filled with decorative Point De Gaze flowers. Excellent workmanship on this lovely shawl.

Lovely Brussels Lace Wedding Veil

This veil has a central panel of fine silk Crepe de Chene with two wide Brussels lace flounces on either side, and one flounce of Point De Gaze at the bottom. The veil was probably made in the early 1900’s, with lace that dates from the 1800’s. A elegant veil or the lace can be used.

Magnificent Brussels Lace Oval Wedding Veil

A magnificent Brussels lace oval wedding veil with a rare and unusual design comprised of the finest quality Brussels Duchesse and Rosepoint lace. This amazing veil measures 3 yards and 24″ long. The quality of the lace is excellent, a superb piece for the lace collector or the bride.

Circa 1860, Elegant Brussels Lace Shawl

This elegant Brussels lace triangular shawl has the finest work, and a ethereal design. Large roses, iris, hydranga’s, undulating leaves, and scrollwork are abundant throughout the shawl. The scalloped edging has a design of flowers and leaves with delicate Point De Espirit scattered throughout the shawl.

Circa 1880, Fine Brussels Lace Shawl w/ Point De Gaze

A lovely and fine Brussels shaped triangular lace shawl with a large oval vignette filled with hand-made ground and the traditional three-dimensional large roses. The ornate bobbin lace has raised details on the ornate scrollwork.

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    Такое богатое кружево! Столько идей для художников! А для нас -удовольствие от увиденного!

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